Train them well enough to leave and treat them well enough to want to stay. Developing LEADERS that think like CEOs. 


People join great organizations but leave bad leaders and dysfunctional teams. Train your people well enough to leave and treat them well enough to want to stay. Do you want more engaged Leaders and Team Members? Of course you do. We focus on two areas with our training and development programs. 1. Developing Emerging Leaders and 2. Employee Engagement for their teams. and 3. 10x For Leaders.

Organizations in today's competitive environment need to retain and compete for the best talent. A critical part of the attract and retain is to know your people beyond the perfromance appraisal and ensure leaders are exceptional. Alignment in the organization is key to sustainable results. Our framework of focusing on exceptional leaders and employee engagement delivers retention and attraction. 


  • Increased Retention
  • Increased Engagement
  • Recruiting Differentiation
  • Supplement Succession Planning

Emerging Leader Development Program 

High Performing Individual contributors are often promoted quickly without a lot of thought to complexities of leading or process to ensure a successful transition. Our framework provides leaders with Clarity of purpose, a process to set direction and tactics for consistent execution as a leader.


  • Successful Transition to Leader
  • Clear Path to Continued Success
  • Better Performing Teams
  • Organizational Alignment

Below is more information about how  Emerging Leader Development Program raises the level of leaders, increases retention, and recruiting.

Connect for TEAMS Workshop

Team Members are the horsepower behind any organization’s success. It is critical to not only recruit, but grow good talent through engagement. This comes from organizational alignment and engagement. Alignment comes with ensuring expectations match performance management systems and the individual team member goals. Growth comes from providing opportunities to develop strengths. 

The Connect for TEAMS workshop  combines 1. Existing Performance management systems 2. A Team Member’s career goals/vision, what motivates, what they value, their individual career/role goals and 3. A compliment of High Performance habits of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. 


  • Aligned Goals for Team Members
  • Higher Levels of Performance
  • Better Performing Teams
  • Organizational Alignment

Below is more information about how Connect for TEAMS workshop takes the employee relationship beyond the Performance Systems to real connection.

Our Training Increases Performance, Reduces Turnover, and Increases Engagement

We Offer Three products that are proven to provide career advancement clarity and engage employees and leaders.

Training Product 1: Emerging Leader Program.

Do you have a plan in place for those first time leaders/managers?

We offer an Emerging Leadership Development Program specifically designed for new team leaders and managers.  We deliver an onsite and/or virtual program designed to focus on Clarity of Purpose, Setting Team Direction, Consistent Execution, Connection, Compliance, and Go. Giving new leaders the skills necessary to grow into high performing leaders.

Download Overview

Training Product 1: Emerging Leader Program

The Emerging Leader Program can be custom designed to match company culture, roles, and industry. Train the trainer is available.

It is easier to manage individual work than being accountable for 5-10 others. Emerging Leaders/First-time managers are faced with starting to manage his/her team members and  also ensuring individual deliverables. The role switch can be painful and often people only learn when it was too late!

Managerial roles face various challenges like conflict management, managing co-workers, providing feedback and coaching, compliance responsibilities, etc. They were promoted for their own individual performance, but that will not be the case once they transition to a managerial role.

The EMERGING LEADER training course will equip emerging leaders with the latest managerial and technical know-how to manage working teams effectively. After attending this comprehensive management training, they will be able to implement the managerial models and transition into the new role more effectively.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this Emerging Leader course, participants shall be able to:

  • Better manage the switch to a manager
  • Set expectations as required by the organisation
  • Become aware of the team to manage
  • Motivate the team under the management
  • Set clear goals
  • Manage conflicts arising in the team or outside the team
  • Delegate effectively
  • Realise the importance of communication
  • Identify and manage stakeholders
  • Coach team members
  • Share a common vision with the team

This course shall comprise of the following training methods:

  • Live In Person Lead (Train the Trainer)
  • Interactive Sessions and Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Group Discussions / Role Plays
  • Peer Learning

Cost Of Not Training Leaders

  1. Employee turnover.  Poor leadership is responsible for up to 30% of the reasons why people leave their organizations according to exit interviews conducted by The Saratoga Institute. SHRM studies show turnover costs are approximately 3-6 months of an employee's salary.
  2. Customer turnover. Poor leadership negatively impacts employee satisfaction, which in turn negatively impacts customer satisfaction and retention. Research published in Harvard Business Review calculated that every 5 point change in employee satisfaction scores caused a 1.3 point change in customer satisfaction scores.
  3. Employee productivity.  Poor leadership leads to poor employee productivity.  Research from Blanchard shows that direct report productivity can be improved 5-12% through better management practices.  

Training Product 2: CONNECT for Teams

Employee engagement requires going beyond the performance appraisal to connect with the company, leaders, peers, and career.

Designed engagement process for:

1. Remote Work Teams needing a process to maintain deeper engagement

2. Lead Teams seeking a new way to connect deeper as a team.

3. New leaders seeking to accelerate team connection.

CONNECT for Teams is designed to provide a process and platform for consistent connection for each team member that connects their role, career and growth to company vision and team goals. 

Download Example Workshop Work Product WATCH The Webinar - Facilitator Certification

Training Product 2: CEO For Life CONNECT for Teams

CONNECT for Teams is a workshop designed to create high levels of EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT for REMOTE and IN-PERSON teams. The workshop and ongoing process is delivered in a defined project arrangement specific for each organization’s needs. Partnering with Human Resources to meet the specific goals of the organization. The 6 core areas of focus are designed to CONNECT teams to Company, Leaders, Peers, and Career. The online or/and live hybrid workshop includes the topics of High Performance Habits and alignment of career goals and current team member role. Core topics include:

Every journey of connection starts with oneself. Mindfulness and having a clear sense of direction in both personal and professional life are crucial before connecting with others. This enables individuals to make better decisions, be more confident, assertive, and effective in their interactions, and form more meaningful CONNECTION. It's important to know where one stands before taking the first step.

To foster CONNECTION with others, we need to understand our strengths and gaps and communicate them BOLDLY. The most successful people in the world possess exceptional clarity about what drives their success, what impedes it, and what motivates them to perform at their best and keep progressing.

To achieve your potential, you need a complete reservoir of your best. Consistent focus on mental health, nutrition, and body provides the highest stamina levels. When you are mat your best Self Care you can be curious. Curiosity is your desire to grow in the areas necessary to reach your vision. A powerful method to scale and develop is to CONNECT curiosity with direction as a team.

Creating goals and time management are crucial for growth and achieving success as a team because they enable individuals to optimize their efforts and accomplish more in less time. Efficient use of time creates space for team members to CONNECT and collaborate effectively, fostering a positive team culture. A team that prioritizes Goals and effective time management can achieve more growth and success.

Engaging in CONNECTIONS may be uneasy, just as growth can be. However, growth is most effectively achieved through collective designed efforts. FOCUS is necessary for growth, and it also requires a strong sense of determination to set ambitious curiosity objectives and pursue them with discipline and careful planning.

Growing your empathy skills and expanding your professional network are critical for growth and establishing meaningful CONNECTIONS as a team because they allow individuals to share knowledge, resources, and opportunities. By cultivating a diverse network of contacts, teams can gain access to new ideas, perspectives, and partnerships that can fuel growth and innovation.

Cost Of Dysfunctional Teams

  1. Unhealthy Conflict: Lack of trust and honesty, personal agendas trump team goals and the experience of having conflict is time consuming, painful and pointless. Leads to emotional poor decisions.

    2. Reduced Productivity: Redoing work because of the wrong decisions being made in the first place, duplication of work because people aren’t communicating, and procrastination through fear of judgement for getting it wrong and making a mistake.

    3. Poor Judgement: It’s difficult to quantify the financial cost of poor decision making, but some studies claim this to be between 75% and 200% of  that team manager’s annual salary.

    4. Low Employee Engagement: Low morale meaning the confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time. 

    5. Sickness & Absentee: Easy to quantify as a serious cost.

    6. Turnover of Team Members: 3-6 Months an employees salary

Go Beyond The Performance Appraisal For Employee Engagement

What past participants are saying:


  • “I loved taking the time to refocus and do this important work. I have done parts of this work on my own, with books, and even once with a life coach but I felt this work went deeper in some ways than I had gone before.”
  • “There were hard questions that needed to be answered in order for us to learn what keeps us engaged with our team.”
  • “Was so pleasantly surprised with the event. It was so educational and the team camaraderie was fantastic. I would recommend this to any company.”
  • “I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to know my coworkers in a different way.”
  • “Time with the team and the vulnerability shown while connecting with each other was incredible.”
  • “I was able to "connect" or get to know some team members in a much more meaningful way.”

CONNECT for Teams  delivers proven processes for REMOTE and IN-PERSON teams to reach heightened and sustained levels of professional performance and personal potential. The workshop delivers a Professional Strategic Plan for team members to directly connect their role with company/team vision and goals. A deeper connection between each employee's career and role goals to company vision and teams goals leads to higher levels of employee engagement. Followed with a process for managers to drive connection long beyond the workshop.

We work with teams in key area to connect deeper to the company, leaders, peers and career:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Boldness
  3. Curiosity
  4. Creativity
  5. Focus
  6. Empathy

The most successful people in every area of life and work have developed a command of these five areas.

To reinforce this level of High Performance, we deliver actionable planning with the key areas of:

  • Vision
  • Motivational Values
  • Goals and Metrics
  • Strengths
  • People

Consulting and workshops are conducted in person or remotely.


The Importance For Any Organization of CONNECT for Teams

An organization is only as good as the gravity of their people. “People gravity” is a force people, teams, leaders exude on an organization. The gravity of each person, team, and leader either pulls the organization forward or drags it down. A person’s gravity comes from not only their perfromance and execution, but also their alignment with the organization as it relates to the person’s career vision. 

The goals of Connect for TEAMS is to complement perfromance management systems with a process to match a persons professional goals with the organizations and providing High Perfromance habits to support.

Not everyone is motivated by the same things. Performance management systems fail to engage a person, team or leaders on a level that leads leads to more retention, more engagement, and a more competitive place for attraction of talent in the market place.

In 2006, my team, leaders and organization failed to retain me because they did not have a process to align the organization with my career vision, values, goals, and trajectory professionally and personally. It is important to know that I worked at one of the most admired organizations in the word from a people perspective, talent perspective, technical perspective, and quality perspective. There was process for everything, there was culture discussion to the moon, but it never made it to the performance systems. The organization failed to understand my career vision and goals and lost me. I perused my vision on my own, because I felt there was no other option.

CEO For Life TEAMS goal is help you compliment perfromance management systems with a process to further understand the individual’s career vision professionally and personally along with the supporting High Perfromance habits of Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence. 

Organizational leaders already have a feeling that they don’t fully understand top talent’s professional and personal career vision, because there has not been a process to ask. Most organizations do not want to face having to do something with that knowledge. Connect for TEAMS is a process to bring personal and professional career vision and goals to light and then places the responsibility on the individual to engage their organization to fulfill creating a gravity that propels the organization and removes the drag.

Training Product 3: Leading By Design

Leading By Design delivers a consistent elevated Leadership Model.

The number one reason employees leave a great company is a poor leader. Do your leaders operate from a consistent model and process? Leading By Design delivers a model of 6 core competencies for leaders to set them up for success. Investing in the leaders is the best return on investment a company can make.

Download Leading By Design Overview

Training Product 3: Leading By Design

A team members performance and retention is directly tied to how good is their leadership. Investing in leader development is investing in the success of the company. Leading By Design is a model of leadership to create high levels of EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT for teams and higher performing teams. We have identified the a 6 steps model for high performing leaders and packed them into trainings. The set of 6 core training topics are delivered in a defined project arrangement specific for each organization’s needs. Partnering with Human Resources to meet the specific goals of the organization. The 6 Core Topics online and live hybrid trainings include the concepts:

Communication is a key skill for leaders and its something that sets them apart from followers. To communicate well, one must share new knowledge with a broad set of audience. Listening to others is also important as it allows leaders to understand their perspective. A leader’s success depends on his or her relationships as trust and loyalty are important components of any business’ success. Whether it’s about the problem-solving for team members’ concerns, feedback, or new ideas, effectively listening to them can help leaders open their minds and fully understand their perspectives.

Being a leader means that you're under a lot of pressure. From making decisions, to motivating your team and overcoming any crises, you're constantly being pressured. Teaching people how to lead effectively under pressure will help them have the mental and emotional strength they need to succeed.

One essential leadership topic that training managers should really focus on is time management. Leaders, whether we like it or not, usually have too many things to deal with or worry about. By initiating this training topic, you can help them work smarter instead of harder. The idea is to teach them how to be more effective in their work and learn how to prioritize what needs to get done in less time for maximum productivity.

Quite often, leaders encounter conflicts in team members. When it comes to these situations, fear should not be your first reaction as both sides can have a fair opinion and perspective. Conflict resolution training is the way to deal with these types of issues. This skill takes time to learn, but it's worth the effort since if you master conflict resolution skills, you will be able to grow stronger relationships among members of your team.

You should make it a priority to teach your leadership skills to ensure that you have teams that are passionate and committed to their jobs so they can give their best, all the time. Besides that, when employees are engaged it leads to work satisfaction and better interpersonal skills. When you have happy employees who enjoy their work for long periods, then the company can benefit from numerous things in the workplace.

Motivating your employees is an important aspect of getting good results. The way to do this is by training them how to be a good team leader and motivator. You should schedule time for a training session with all the managers and leaders in the organization to get their knowledge up to date on this topic.

Feedback is an essential part of competent leadership. Without feedback, performance will stall and the success of the organization will be in doubt. Feedback establishes healthy team relationships, because it motivates employees to follow their leader and do great work without a hint of doubt as to how they’re doing.

In leadership training, delegation is an important function to include because it will help leaders accomplish more things faster and make a big impact. They can delegate tasks you to the right person, have them complete the job, and then verify the quality of their work. It also fosters engagement among team members, as people know they are valued if they are given responsibility and authority over their own tasks. Leaders should follow John C. Maxwell’s advice by realizing that if they want to try do a few small things already, they should do them themselves. However, if they want to accomplish great things and make a big impact on the organization, delegation is essential for creating quality projects in minimal time.

Leadership can be one of the key challenges that organizations face. Developing leadership skills by recognizing different types will help you create your own leadership style, identify strengths and weaknesses, and find solutions that work for you.



-Robert Lee Barber

The perfect culmination of Fortune 100 Exec experience and training, Business owner, Author, Father, Husband, and more to be your professional speaker on several business topics, coach and develop, author excellent material, and personal development topics. I have lived it. Not just read about business and personal development. Have been at the mountain top and in the deepest valley of survival.

Most recently as an operating principle for our Luxury Residential and Commercial Investment teams - an Affiliate of Christie's International Real Estate, I strive to ensure my clients receive premier real estate consulting, strategizing and marketing from the moment they walk in the door.

I came to real estate from a decade long career with Florida Power & Light, Inc where I held many positions of increasing responsibility during my tenure. When I decided to leave FPL to pursue a career in real estate, I was Director of Human Resources with responsibility for over 1000 employees in 26 states.

Since entering real estate in 2006, I have completed several commercial and residential transactions totaling more than $Hundreds of million dollars and gained the designation of CCIM. During that time, I also help build the firm into the leading full service real estate company with $917mm. In 2019 sales and the number one auction company in Florida. With over a decade of experience with Fortune 150 corporations overseeing HR in 26 states for 4000 employees, I am confident in my ability to deliver the highest level of service to my clients in many areas.

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